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Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids, 6 piece Stainless Steel Metal Bowls by Umite Chef, Colorful Non-Slip Bottoms Size 7, 3.5, 2.5, 2.0,1.5, 1QT, Great for Mixing & Serving

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Each bowl is made of fantastic heavy gauge stainless steel, which is resistant and rustproof. Umite Chef mixing bowls function a reflect end indoors and fingerprint-proofexterior. High-quality meals grade stainless steel, you and your household can ues it with peace of mind. Our stainless bowls deeeper than preferred bowl sets, enable for large servings .

This set consists of sizes1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 7 quarts, that offers you a great deal greater flexibility, and much less mess, fulfill your needs for mixing massive batters, tossing salads, washing vegetable, marinating and storing. Flexible BPA free plastic lids carefully suit the bowls, preserve your meals fresh, tight becoming lids are first-rate for meals storage, fantastic desire for storing meals for longer.

Flat silicone bases stop the metallic bowls slippage when mixing, you want now not to fear about the bowls will wobble when mixing, beating and whipping. The silver bowls function a vibrant indoors and fingerprint-proof satin exterior, Which are easy to smooth by way of hand and are dishwasher safe.

I cook dinner a lot and used to be searching for extra mixing bowls. These are wonderful—- excellent quality, dishwasher protected (though I have wash lids to decrease publicity to heat); .. brilliant etc. love the rubber on backside to stabilize bowls. Great value—- plus shade coded lids are amazing n snap proper on bowls. Also- all gadgets packaged nicely. This would make an tremendous present for bridal bathe or any occasion!!

These bowls are great. Great resolution of sizes to match anything I need, the lids work well, and they simply work very well. They are effortless to clean, the rubber bottoms forestall the bowls from sliding, however additionally make them less difficult to hold. They have a true shape, for mixing gadgets or storing them in the refrigerator, or simply to stack them collectively for storing the bowls empty.

Being stainless steel, they are now not rusting, however additionally don’t have the trouble of plastic, which is detrimental chemicals. The lids healthy tightly, and don’t come off. They are unique in that the lids go interior the bowl, and no longer on the outside, so you can no longer fill the bowls to the very pinnacle if you desire to additionally use the lids.

The high-quality stainless metal bowls ever! Just flawless! The air tight covers doesn’t even let beverages come out of it! After receiving my first bowl set, I offered three greater units to supply as gifts! The colorations are simply beautiful! I relatively suggest

Colorful Nesting Bowls with Lids Color Food Storage for Leftovers

12 Piece Plastic Mixing Bowls Set, Colorful Nesting Bowls with Lids, 6 Prep Bowls and 6 Lids - Color Food Storage for Leftovers, Fruit, Salads, Snacks, and Potluck Dishes - Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • HIGH FLEXURAL STRENGTH - Made of durable polypropylene plastic material, these...
  • 12-PIECE SET - This Set includes 0.32 QT, 0.74 QT, 1.37 QT, 2.22 QT, 3.69 QT, and 5.8...
  • SPACE EFFICIENT - When not in use, you can easily nest these multi-purpose bowls...
  • FRESH FOOD EVERYDAY - With their tight-fitting lids, you can ensure that your fruits,...

I offered this set to substitute my ancient set and no longer solely are these bowls gorgeous for something however the first-class of the cloth is a ways higher than my remaining set. I do not like the usage of steel bowls for mixing as I have an problem with the sound it makes with my mixing utensils so I solely use plastic. Not rely what I’ve used these bowls for when it comes to mixing anything, I do not have that ear difficulty with these bowls.

The lids that comes with these bowls suit their bowl except any troubles and there is no leaking trouble either. When it comes to storing meals in these bowls, I have no longer had any troubles with any greasy residue, meals staining these bowls or whatever like that. I do select to hand wash these as I do not desire to threat warping the lids or the bowls. I have even used a handheld mixer with these bowls and now not solely did they maintain up however even with the mixer hitting the aspects of the bowls, they have now not cracked or broke.

I’m extraordinarily blissful that I ordered these bowls. I’ve been searching for some sturdy mixing bowls to change a set of steel ones that had began to rust. It took me over a week to parent out what I desired due to the fact I’m pretty choosy when it comes to mixing bowls, in particular plastic ones. I desired to make certain that I acquired a properly first-class set that used to be going to last. I’ve had bendy plastic bowls in the previous and they do not keep up or work the greatest, so I made certain to get a challenging plastic set this time.

I’m extraordinarily impressed with the nice and sturdiness of this set. They’re extraordinarily nicely built and made with a thick polypropylene plastic that makes the bowls very sturdy. They’re lightweight, but nonetheless have a correct weight to them. They have flat bottoms, so they do not slide around the counter when mixing. It’s great to have 6 one-of-a-kind sized bowls with lids, so I usually have the proper measurement for each and every recipe.

I use these now not solely for cooking, however additionally for storing meals in the refrigerator. I love the area saving design. The bowls and lids all nestle inner of every other. The solely house it takes up in the cupboard is the dimension of the biggest bowl with the lid on. Amazing!! The lids in shape pleasant and tight and do not ever pop off. The great section is that I can wash them in the dishwasher and use them in the microwave and freezer. These are high-quality all motive bowls!!

I stored shopping for units at Walmart and even when they say microwaveable or freezable they nonetheless soften or bubble or crack . There is additionally that less costly white set that works in the microwave and is heavy however none of the lids fit. So i was once actually hopeful these would work . The lids suit nicely, and do not pop off, I would no longer say they are watertight although however that is ok. They work pleasant in the microwave and have made it thru the dishwasher a number of instances and are nevertheless glossy. I sold two units when they have been on sale and so a long way I am without a doubt joyful with them.

Nesting Bowls for Space Saving Storage

Double Wall Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids (Set of 4) Nesting Bowls for Space Saving Storage - Non-Slip Bottoms for Stability - Mixing Bowl Set For Cooking, Baking & Food Storage.
  • VIBRANT COLOR BOWLS - Brighten up your kitchen with color steel mixing bowls in a...
  • QUALITY STAINLESS-STEEL INTERIOR - and plastic exteriors retain chilled temperatures,...
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOMS - Salad bowl with flat nonslip rubber bottoms offers dependable...
  • PREP, SERVE, and STORE - Serving bowls have AIRTIGHT SEALED LIDS to keep foods fresh....

Salad bowl with flat nonslip rubber bottoms presents reliable balance and a company grip when the usage of the bowls to combine and beat ingredients; a rolled rim ensures seamless, mess-free pouring. plastic exteriors keep chilled temperatures, whilst also defending your palms from severe temps. These are odor, stain, and style resistant.

This steel bowl set ensures lasting quality, are handy clean, & are dishwasher safe. Serving bowls have AIRTIGHT SEALED LIDS to preserve ingredients fresh. Serving is shiny and exciting with coloration design; fridge-safe for storage and serving meals proper from fridge. Identify contents right away except disposing of easy-visibility lid. Mixing bowls with lids seamlessly nest interior every different and provide space-efficient storage that helps declutter kitchen counters and cupboards.

I’ve had plastic mixing bowls for a whilst however now that I’m beginning to cook dinner greater and be greater of a suited adult, I determined to spring for some thing higher quality. The factor is, these mixing bowls provide you that greater nice except being that plenty extra expensive. They work tremendous and come with lids! The lids are convenient to put on and take off, and handy to keep away because I hardly ever leaving matters in my mixing bowls that want to be stored. Easy to smooth and the brilliant hues are a plus. I’ve caught myself admiring the bowls a few instances – it’s what appropriate adults do right?

At first I was once absolutely pleased with this product. The bowls nest properly however the lids do not. The non-skid at the backside of the bowl is on hand when mixing matters on the counter top. My 2 largest complaints are that the bowls appear to supply off a metal style to anything you have in them, specifically if it’s warm/hot. I am additionally beginning to be aware that There are black marks creating interior of the bowl.

The marks may additionally be associated to a chemical response to salt. That’s my exceptional guess. If this is true, I doubt these bowls are truely stainless steel. I’ve by no means had this take place to any stainless metal mixing bowl I’ve owned before. I don’t certainly desire to use them anymore for concern of steel or toxins leeching into anything I’m cooking. I’ll be contacting the vendor for a refund.

I simply obtained this product nowadays and I can inform already this is a fantastic product. The gadgets got here very nicely packed every object used to be covered in my opinion by way of plastic sleeves. I took every one and stuffed them midway with water positioned the lids on to take a look at for any leaks and they all surpassed with flying colors. I flipped them upside down, sideways etc. and none of them leaked at all.

I can additionally say that when I do use them I understand that they are now not going to slip on the counter whilst mixing. I need to say that I have made many purchases from Amazon and this one with the aid of a long way is my favourite as some distance as appears shape suit and feature no longer that I have not been thrilled in the different merchandise however this one is truly good.

Kitchen Food Storage Organizers Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Meal Prep Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set, Home, Refrigerator, and Kitchen Food Storage Organizers | Ecofriendly, Reusable, Heavy Duty By WHYSKO
  • Complete Mixing Bowls Set Ideal for meal prep, or making pancakes, our 5-piece...
  • Stainless-Steel Craftsmanship These deep mixing bowls are BPA free, food-grade safe,...
  • Nested Storage When not in use, these bowls nest inside one another to save cabinet...
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean The perfect choice for your healthy meal prep plans...

These bowls are light-weight however now not flimsy. They have now not discolored or rusted at all, and they are dishwasher safe. I assume these will remaining for a few years. I surely assume that the sizes make sense- I’ve in no way wanted to use some thing greater than the greatest bowl included. Great starter package for university college students or younger adults who are shifting out.

I have not used these bowls but however simply washed them. When I ordered these bowls, I did not word their depth or I would no longer have sold them. They are very shallow and I think about batter flying in all places when I use a hand mixer. They are fashioned extra like serving bowls and I do not serve meals from stainless metal kitchen ware. The metallic is a quality gauge, now not too heavy or thin, and I’m positive they will final for years. I’m making an attempt to figure out whether or not to ship them returned or maintain them.

I used to be searching for light-weight stainless metal bowl to use for salads, chips etc. on the new porch so that when a visitor reaches over for meals and by accident drops the bowl solely the meals will be lost! They are lightweight, so when full they would now not be tough to raise and open two doorways main to porch enclosure. The bowls themselves are now not uniform in weight, though this appears like it is on purpose.

The large the bowls have thicker and heavier gauge metal. the two smallest are “thinner”. The smallest is top for beating an egg and the biggest would keep a defrosting four lb hen or a birthday party dimension fruit salad…good sizes for most purposes. As to the first-rate of the stainless I can’t vouch, however they are vivid and unblemished (unused as yet), I do not count on them to continue to be that way forever,

however then even my very desirable stainless metal pots advance some discoloration. They do appear like it may additionally be greater like a exact coating of stainless over some mild metal…but accurate enuf for my purposes. I have china bowls for dinner events and Rubbermade bowls for deep mixing, and mixmaster bowls got here with the computer so these are ideal for rapid mixing and porch and patio. One reviewer referred to that they are too shallow,

I did now not assume they were, even though I was once taken again when I noticed the container and it solely was once about 6 inches deep. But the bowls compensate with the aid of being wide. As she cautioned now not splendid for mixing cake flour into batter. Think 3/4 bag+ of birthday celebration dimension potato chips, salad for 6, egg salad, potato salad and many others for buffets,(smaller sizes) dipping sauce and path combine and you may be capable to examine their usefulness. These must actually discover a vicinity in most kitchens..

you will probable be achieving for them all the time, they’re a breeze to clean, however they should not be your solely preference for all purposes. They nest nicely enuf so that they healthy properly in giant kitchen drawer or on a shelf. Lids would have been quality (especially for the small ones) however primarily you would in all likelihood used smaller fridge dishes for storage. So if you are wondering about the do not hesitate! Will re-post if my influence changes.

Great steel mixing bowls but lids aren’t great

I thinking having matching lids to thw bowl would be tremendous however I need to have taken into consideration how the lids truely in shape and the bizarre indent interior the bowl it’s tough to clean. The Lids have to be pushed down inner the authentic Bowl so it limits what you can put in there additionally it is certainly tough to open and close. I want I would have went with a lid that shut on the backyard of the bowl. There’s additionally a rim internal the bowl all the way round that the entirety receives caught on and it is tough to clean. For the price, these matters must be different.

I ordered these bowls for my husband who bakes a lot and complained too a great deal about our glass mixing bowls. He loves the no-slip rubber bottoms, and is now fortunately cooking for us. These are great, and I would propose them to every body who wishes new mixing bowls. In addition, I am the use of the smaller ones to preserve clean fruit. The tops are very convenient.

This is an top notch nesting mixing bowl set. Love the grippy bottoms and hermetic lids. Fun colors too. Now there’s no want for Saran Wrap! I desire they had blanketed a 5qt bowl as well, however that’s ok. I can inform I will have this set for a lengthy time and get lots of use out of it.

These bowls are great. Very nice, non-slip works remarkable and rate is terrific for what you get. I would have given a 5 superstar ranking however due to the lids I had to drop my rating. Description says fridge and freezer safe, however I wouldn’t put too lots have confidence in that for the lids. Once the lids get bloodless they no longer remain on tight. They effortlessly pop off with a flick of your finger. Makes me worried about them being hermetic whilst being refrigerated. Still a desirable product however wouldn’t endorse storing some thing in them for an prolonged length of time in the fridge.

18pcs Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Nesting Mixing Bowls 

Mixing Bowls - Babyltrl Mixing Bowls Set, 18pcs Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls with Lids, Size 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5 QT, 7 Colors Kitchen Bowls for Mixing, Serving & Prepping
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Each mixing bowl is made of high quality food-grade stainless steel...
  • SIZES AND VERSATILE: Set of 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 quart to better meet your needs....
  • AIRTIGHT LIDS: Mixing bowl lids are made of flexible BPA free material that won’t...
  • SPACE-SAVING: Compared to other bulky bowls, our kitchen bowls set take advantage on...

Compared to different cumbersome bowls, our kitchen bowls set take gain on saving house as these 7 one of a kind dimension salad bowls can be seamlessly nesting together, which grant space-efficient storage, ideal match in your kitchen cupboards, make your kitchen continually continue to be neat and tidy, say goodbye to mess. Kitchen bowls set is perfect for day-to-day kitchen tasks, bowls dimension healthy on fashionable measurement fridge shelf, cupboards and pantry. These stainless metal bowls are made for freezer protected and even oven safe.

My step daughter is getting prepared to begin her personal kitchen. So, I’m amassing some requirements for her. I had to take a look at out this set, earlier than I put it lower back in the ‘Christmas closet’. Here are my emotions on this set.: The bowls appear a little thin. But, I’m used to professional, meals carrier grade equipment.

I’m positive that these bowls will preserve up simply first-rate in a family kitchen. The colourful paint job is nice, with the colour matching lids. The lids in shape REALLY tight. Air tight! (Wasn’t anticipating that.) The bonus add-ons are great. Four silicone equipment particular to baking, a whisk and a clearly cool set of nesting, interlocking measuring cups and spoons. (Really, the way they lock collectively is genius.) I like this set. I’m positive she will too. Five stars.

I like bowls the place I use for all sorts of things, however, I surely fell in love with the set with the coloration coordinated lids the place the entirety appears actual cutting-edge with this set. Out of the box, the whole lot is very fine quality. Good thickness for bowls, lids match tight, the measure cups are awesome, love how they stack collectively and all the sizes too.

I did not assume I would use the spatula set however, these are smaller and simpler to use, particularly round the mixer the place I have used these extra than my full sized set lately. No cons, love the whole thing about this set, the place I am very joyful with the purchase.

I like the notion of countless nesting bowls with lids. The extra objects are handy, too, and properly quality. I have a couple of minor issues, which are no longer big troubles and may also be extra of a private preference. The metal is a little on the skinny side. Not probably to warp, simply does no longer sense all that substantial. On the different hand, that makes the bowls lighter, if it’s your preference.

The shade is painted/sprayed on the backyard and got here with a couple of tiny blemishes. Again, now not an instant issue, however I would want to be a little cautious no longer to scratch them. The lids are now not silicone or rubber, they are a challenging plastic and may also crack with time, so, again, a little interest to those, too. They healthy the bowls snugly however are handy to open. Overall, exact value.

18pcs Stainless Steel Nesting Colorful Mixing Bowls Set

Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids, 18pcs Stainless Steel Nesting Colorful Mixing Bowls Set ¨C Non-slip Silicone Bottom, Size 7, 5.5, 4, 3.5, 2.5, 2, 1.5 qt, Fit for Mixing & Serving
  • Durable Stainless Steel Bowl: Constructed of mirror-finish interior and...
  • Non-Slip Silicone Bottom: Unlike normal mixing bowls, each of the bowl comes with...
  • 7 Sizes Available & Space Saving: Totally 7 different sizes. Deeper capacity contains...
  • Air-Tight BPA Free Lids: The bowls have their own lid, which is BPA free and able to...

This mixing bowls set comes with 7 nicely designed stainless metal bowls with special sizes. The bowls’ nesting form make them carefully stackable to store storage space. The silicone backside offers cushion characteristic to assist guard the bowls from the have an impact on of accident collision in opposition to my kitchen marble countertop, and decreases the possibilities of sliding on most of the desk surfaces. Before the first time use,

we used paper towels and dish detergent to wipe and rinse the bowls cautiously twice. And then we used baking soda to wash the bowls to make them absolutely easy and shining to be geared up for use. These bowls are multifunctional in our kitchen. They grant handy equipment for baking, prepping greens and fruits. The BPA free air-tight lids are mainly beneficial to maintain our fridge free of scent when we are marinating meat or fish. We are all comfortable with these excellent bowls.

I used to be clearly upset with these. I knew they had been inexpensive, however I didn’t assume them to be so flimsy. I suppose one bang in opposition to some other floor in my kitchen and they would dent immediately.

But that isn’t the fundamental trouble with them. Like different reviewers, I discovered that there used to be a gross black substance on them that in reality wouldn’t come off. My wager is that it is some type of remnant from the machining process, however I bet the organization that made these determined to inexpensive out on the last cleansing processes. Whatever it is, I really couldn’t get it off. I ran these via my dishwasher twice, one time on the most aggressive settings I had,

and additionally tried washing them all via hand, letting them soak with a giant quantity of dish detergent, however nothing acquired the substance off the bowls. The important hassle location was once the spot below the outdoor rim of every bowl. If I ran my finger alongside that I would give up up with a bizarre substance like graphite on my skin, and it used to be difficult to wash it off.

If these bowls have been extraordinarily well-made, I would have perchance put greater effort into getting this substance removed, however they are so mild and flimsy it’s unbelievable. The lids are extraordinarily affordable as well. I may have lived with the quality, however no longer with this problem. Also, they simply don’t want to encompass the measuring cups and mixing utensils. Those matters are awesome low best and seem like they would be a ache to use. The measuring cups additionally seem like they would smash imediately.

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