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Silver Aluminum Foil Tape Heat Reflective, Single Coated, Acrylic Adhesive with Liner

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acrylic adhesive tape with tender aluminum foil backing and bloodless climate acrylic adhesive is designed to supply highest quality overall performance in temperature vary -30F to 260F. It is UL 723 listed with 510 flame/smoke rating. this silver aluminum foil tape can face up to flames, UV degradation, weathering, and chemicals. This tape permits low water vapor transmission for moisture sealing applications.

foil liner tape is extensively used in HVAC enterprise for sealing insulations on air ducts air in conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. This tape is regularly used to shield, patch or seam insulation sheets and surfaces. this aluminum tape provides software in transportation and leisure automobile industries. It can be used for repairing cuts and masking seams or rivets in boats.

Silver Aluminum Foil Tape is broadly used for the general-purpose foil tape applications. This industrial grade acrylic adhesive foil tape helps sticking to smooth, curved or irregular fashioned surfaces, owing to the flawless metallic backing. The gentle aluminum foil backing of this aluminum foil liner tape approves for mild reflection and low flammability.

Used as a protect towards UV degradation, temperature fluctuations, moisture, flames; this foil tape is used for patching, sealing and seaming purposes efficiently. The uses for aluminum foil tape works properly in the HVAC enterprise for maintaining and repairing insulation, and for sealing connections.

TapeCase TCFSK FSK Facing Tape, Aluminum Foil

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Applies effortlessly to each fibrous and sheet metallic ductwork and is without difficulty established besides unique equipment or utility methods. kraft laminate backing for use on fibrous and sheet steel ducts; best for becoming a member of the seams on foil-faced, fiberglass mat ductwork insulation or repairing torn foil-faced insulation. especially resistant to moisture, mildew and vapors; the floor adhesion tape ensures more desirable sealing even in excessive environments .

Engineered to supply a vapor seal for strengthened aluminum confronted fiberglass or mineral wool thermal insulation. This tape combines the sealing and defensive advantages of aluminum with the ease of tape.

TapeCase is a 3M Preferred Converter; we promote 3M tapes in non-standard sizes. 3M has partnered with TapeCase to make their merchandise reachable in a large assortment of sizes. Adhesive tape changing is the system of taking giant grasp rolls of adhesive tape and changing it into precise sizes or shapes that make it less complicated to use in a range of applications.

Foil-scrim-kraft is a flame retardant, vapor-barrier, and it is one of the most oftentimes used facings in the insulation enterprise today. During the manufacturing system of an FSK facing, a layer of light-weight aluminum foil is layered in opposition to a tri-directional, reinforcing fiberglass scrim (yarn) and then paired with a last layer of herbal brown kraft paper. This is all laminated collectively the use of a flame-retardant adhesive.

FSK dealing with is most frequently utilized with duct wrap, duct board, and mechanical spin-glas boards on the outward-facing, uncovered surfaces of HVAC ductwork. The FSK going through no longer solely serves as a vapor-barrier to facilitate condensation control, however it is additionally a protecting barrier for the fiberglass insulation itself.

With most reliable resistance to weathering, mold, UV and environmental conditions, this tape performs extraordinarily properly in annoying bloodless and warm temperature applications. Foil scrim kraft tape is used for sealing bloodless and twin temperature duct seams and joints the place FSK is the simple insulation facing. Use TapeCase TCFSK Aluminum/Foil/Scrim/Kraft Tape for generic HVAC ductwork maintenance, patching, seaming and sealing, refrigerator, freezer Insulation.

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